The Kompakt co-founder, producer, and DJ comes with a perfect Herb mix.
The Pulitzer Prize winning writer shares a "thematic playlist" for his current book-in-progress, a novel set in the American Southwest.
The decline of monoculture is a boon to niches but what will become of the ‘canon’?
Playlists by Ethel Cain, Hua Hsu, Fred Thomas, Yasi Salek, and myself, from the vaults.
[May 2nd, 2021] - A cracking, country-inflected mix from haunted but tough alter ego of Florida-born singer, songwriter, and producer Hayden Anhedönia.
[May 9th, 2021] - "Music for making breakfast, taking a long walk by yourself, or sitting online talking to your friends." Sounds good to me. You?
[Sept 19th, 2021] Yasi Salek is a writer, MFA dropout, and host of the show Bandsplain on Spotify. Mantra: "I am cringe but I am free."
Season Two Premiere [Sept 12th, 2021] An era-spanning set of staples from the prolific Michigan songsmith.
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