The NYC journalist and author of Dilla Time and The Big Payback plots a road trip with post-disco funk and soul standards. "Some people call it 'Boogie.' Whatevs."
The Book Works founder and jazz devotee shares a tight mix of sentimental lifters.
The NYC-based journalist and musical storyteller delivers his "youthful immigrant journey" in playlist and essay form.
The Tokyo-based author knits together rock of different ages to reveal their connective tissue.
The musician and Song Exploder host with a memory-rich tableau: "When I was growing up, my parents played Hindi songs on Sunday mornings..."
An imaginary Balearic DJ gig in ’99. The late summer sun beating against freshly painted white walls in a seaside town. Art by Cina.
The celebrated French artist with a dynamo mix ranging from Nina Simone to Elliott Smith, Smog to Low.
The Ringer senior staff writer and podcaster's concept playlist: Trying to Seem Cooler Than I Am 1990-1996.
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