DJs share their favorite mixes.
On Detroit Techno, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin, and the rise and fall (and rise?) of DJ Mixes.
Plus Vangelis
Season Three finale. [Explicit Lyrics]. The LA/Detroit Hip-Hop DJ and producer with a selection of b-sides and remixes from the 92-96 era.
NYC's Love Injection label and fanzine runners, Lot Radio residents, and music fanatics with a double Herb selection. Art by Cina.
The Rhythm Section label founder and DJ with "a bit of heartbreak, summer nostalgia & a continuing and undying love for The Beatles."
A unprecedented display of Herb Culture from the Junior Boys founder and producer.
The visual polymath connects the dots for a soulful ride through songs of faith and devotion. Art by, um, Cina.
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